Netanyahu Should Be Charged With Bribery and Fraud, Israeli Police Say

Netanyahu Should Be Charged With Bribery and Fraud, Israeli Police Say


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, second left, arriving for a cabinet meeting in Jerusalem this month.

Ronen Zvulun/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

JERUSALEM — The Israeli police were poised to recommend on Tuesday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu be charged with corruption, casting a dark pall over the future of a tenacious leader who has become almost synonymous with his country, according to the Israeli media. The announcement appeared to instantly raise doubts about his ability to cling to power.

Concluding a yearlong investigation, the police are prepared to offer a damning summary of their findings in two corruption cases: a gifts-for-favors affair known as Case 1000, and a second scandal, dubbed Case 2000, in which Mr. Netanyahu is suspected of back-room dealings with Arnon Mozes, publisher of the popular daily Yediot Aharonot, to ensure more favorable coverage.

Mr. Netanyahu, addressing the nation live on television even before the police released their findings, made clear he would not step down. “I feel a deep obligation to continue to lead Israel in a way that will ensure our future,” he said, before embarking on a lengthy defense of his conduct.

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