NVIDIA Announces “NVIDIA Titan V” Video Card: GV100 for $3000, On Sale Now

NVIDIA Announces “NVIDIA Titan V” Video Card: GV100 for $3000, On Sale Now

Out of nowhere, NVIDIA has revealed the NVIDIA Titan V today at NIPS 2017, with CEO Jen-Hsun Huang flashing out the card on stage. A mere 7 months after Volta was announced with the Tesla V100 accelerator and the GV100 GPU inside it, NVIDIA continues its breakneck pace by releasing the GV100-powered Titan V, available for sale today. Or in other words, the 815 mm2 behemoth die that is GV100 is now available to the broader public.

NVIDIA Compute Accelerator Specification Comparison
  Titan V Tesla V100

Tesla P100

Titan XP
CUDA Cores 5120 5120 3584 3840
Tensor Cores 640 640 N/A N/A
Core Clock 1200MHz ? ? 1485MHz
Boost Clock(s) 1455MHz 1370MHz 1300MHz 1582MHz
Memory Clock 1.7Gbps HBM2 1.75Gbps HBM2 1.4Gbps HBM2 11.4Gbps GDDR5X
Memory Bus Width 3072-bit 4096-bit 4096-bit 384-bit
Memory Bandwidth 653GB/sec 900GB/sec 720GB/sec 547GB/sec
VRAM 12GB 16GB 16GB 12GB
L2 Cache 4.5MB 6MB 4MB 3MB
Half Precision 30 TFLOPS? 28 TFLOPS 18.7 TFLOPS 0.19 TFLOPS

(1/64 rate)
Single Precision 15 TFLOPS 14 TFLOPS 9.3 TFLOPS 12.1 TFLOPS
Double Precision 7.5 TFLOPS?

(1/2 rate)

(1/2 rate)

(1/2 rate)

(1/32 rate)
Tensor Performance

(Deep Learning)




Transistor Count 21.1B 21.1B 15.3B 12B
TDP 250W 250W 250W 250W
Form Factor PCIe PCIe PCIe PCIe
Cooling Active Passive Passive Active
Manufacturing Process TSMC 12nm FFN TSMC 12nm FFN TSMC 16nm FinFET TSMC 16nm FinFET
Architecture Volta Volta Pascal Pascal
Launch Date 12/07/2017 Q3’17 Q4’16 04/07/2017
Price $2999 ~$10000 ~$6000 $1299

If the golden shroud didn’t already suggest so, the Titan V is also carving out a new eye-watering price point, dropping in at $3000 and on sale now at the NVIDIA store. As NVIDIA’s new flagship video card, this succeeds the $1200 Pascal Titan X announced around 16 months ago. This release also marks NVIDIA’s first HBM2-equipped consumer graphics card. matching the 12GB capacity of the Pascal Titan X.

Given that this was a surprise announcement without advance notice, watch this space for more details as the evening progresses.

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